MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There’s a new machine popping up in gyms across the Twin Cities that’s doing the workout for you.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, there’s a little more to it than that.

At a glance, the Power Plate looks like it’s at a standstill, but the machine vibrates up to 50 times per second.

Steele Fitness personal trainer Josh Hetterick explains how the Power Plate works.

“What’s happening is you’re not moving, but your muscles are getting that vibration,” he said. “So it feels like you’re doing a ton of squats. But you’re not. You’re holding that muscle in place and it’s actually being used. But what the vibration is doing is rapidly going back and forth; back and forth contractions.”

Here’s why it’s great – not only are muscles getting a more intense workout by having to stabilize and react to the vibrations, but you’re holding one movement. And that can really help your joints.

“The joints are going to feel a lot better because they aren’t going up and down,” Hetterick said. “You’re not grinding. But the muscles are still getting the effect, if not a greater effect.”

Think of it as getting the results of 40 to 60 squats in 30 seconds, while only bending your knees once. Same goes for push-ups, triceps dips and beyond.

According to Hetterick, the Power Plate is also useful post-workout.

“With this, you’re actually massaging the muscles so that more oxygen can get into the muscle,” he said. “And when more oxygen gets into the muscle, you have a better chance of recovery. That lactic acid that causes that soreness is flushed out.”

Hetterick does warn of the dangers of using this machine. He said it’s important to have proper positioning to ensure you don’t jar your head or any joints. It’s also not good for pregnant women, or people who have brain injuries.

The Power Plate is available at various gyms in the Twin Cities.


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