By Pat Kessler

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Earlier this week, the Vikings were “on the clock” in the draft. And now the Vikings Stadium is “on the clock” at the Capitol.

With one day left before lawmakers are hoping to adjourn, the plan to build a new stadium in downtown Minneapolis is on life support.

After tension and maneuvering Saturday, it’s no longer clear whether it will even get a vote.

The Vikings stadium had numerous near-death experiences this year. But it has survived every one. Quite a feat in a year in which almost every other bill has not.

Now comes another setback. House Republicans won’t bring the bill up for a vote. And Democrats claim it’s deliberate.

Rep. Paul Thissen, DFL Minority Leader, said enough is enough.

“Don’t hold the Vikings stadium bill hostage any longer,” he said. “Put it up for an up-or-down vote. Stop tiptoeing around the issue and stop playing games.”

Republicans call that claim “cheap politics” but admit — they want business tax relief first, before they talk stadium.

Rep. Matt Dean, GOP Majority Leader, said there are other issues that need to be ironed out.

“The governor’s No. 1 priority is the stadium. Our focus has been on literally fixing up main streets across the state and the businesses that are on them. We would like to talk about all three at the same time,” he said.

Now the biggest challenge is clock management. Time is not just running down — it’s running out.

GOP leaders had hoped hope to adjourn on Monday.

But the pressure to pass this stadium — the largest public construction project in Minnesota history — may push everything into overtime.

Ted Mondale and Sen. Julie Rosen joined Esme Murphy on Sunday morning to talk about the latest development on the Vikings stadium. Watch their interviews below.

Ted Mondale

Sen. Julie Rosen


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