MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Mantorville family says their 13-year-old daughter was bullied to the point she committed suicide, but on Wednesday, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says there will be no criminal charges filed in Rachel Ehmke’s death.

In a press release, the sheriff said, “While harassment and bullying were likely factors in the seventh grader’s death, there is not one incident or action done by any particular students that we believe is responsible for Rachel’s death.”

Rachel’s dad, Rick, said he doesn’t want to see anyone punished. He just hopes others learn that bullying is wrong.

“I want them to see what this does to people,” Rick Ehmke said. “Those words; not everybody can handle those words and it killed her. I will go to my grave knowing that’s what did it.”

Rachel’s parents have asked other students at the school to not target the four girls some blamed for Rachel’s suicide.

Also according to the Dodge County Sheriff, a text message many people thought was sent by the girls days before Ehmke’s death, was not. It was instead sent from a phone found at Rachel’s dad’s home.

Rick thinks Rachel may have done that because she wanted out of the school, and away from the bullying.


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