MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — More than a decade after they lost their son to cancer, a pair of Hopkins parents are able to heal through giving.

The Adelmans were watching WCCO-TV’s story featuring DaJuan Simmons, a boy who almost died from a staph infection, and became struck by DaJuan’s love for the same icon their son used to look up to: Michael Jordan.

Floyd Adelman said his son, Paul, had a Michael Jordan fixation.

Paul was diagnosed at age 5 with his first brain tumor. After seven years of countless surgeries, Paul passed away at age 12.

However, his love for Jordan served as a desperately needed distraction during those difficult years.

As it happened, the Adelmans sorted through Paul’s shrine to Jordan only one hour before they saw the piece featuring DaJuan.

Some would call it serendipitous; the Adelmans say it’s the work of a higher power. That’s why they were motivated to give.

Posters, sweatshirts, T-shirts and even a Michael Jordan jersey were gifted to DaJuan.

“He had had all the surgeries and now he’s coming back and he’s decked out in Michael Jordan,” Adelman said. “It kind of brought back some things about Paul.”

Angela Young, DaJuan’s mother, said the family appreciated the gift.

“We’re happy to carry Paul’s things,” she said.

The two families are now bonded by something only they could explain.

“What he’s gone through and what your family’s gone through…and we hope nobody ever joins our club of going through stuff like this,” Adelman said to Young.

Since losing Paul, the Adelman’s have started an endowment fund to help children with disabilities. You can find more by clicking here.


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