SOMERSET, Wis. (WCCO) – At first glance it may look like your run of the mill race.

Yet the Tough Mudder is anything but ordinary.

In this newest trend of extreme competition, it is a race where endurance alone won’t carry you through the over 12 mile course.

That strength was certainly put to the test, and all too often it failed.

Those challenges also got the best of me.

But with 29 total obstacles, there were other areas where some who shined in strength failed in balance.

And then of course, there were the obstacles that brought almost everyone down.

Two times during the race, participants had to endure the possibility of an electric shock.

Yet at every challenge, whether it’s running or climbing up a 12 foot wall, you can’t miss the camaraderie.

The race is designed so runners must use teamwork; finishing without help is impossible.

It makes completing the race a sweeter victory, sharing success in what’s called the toughest event on the planet.


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