MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Gary Schiff of the Minneapolis City Council has made it very clear he’s against the current bill for a new Vikings stadium in Minneapolis.

Schiff appeared on the WCCO-TV Sunday Morning Show to talk about the bill and the council’s vote on it, which will come this week. He said it will be a one vote result, but he’s not sure which way it will go. He also said this week is the council’s final chance to present any questions about the bill and address any issues they think the bill currently has.

Schiff said he wants the council to vote against the stadium bill, send it back to the State Legislature and have lawmakers come up with a better deal for the city of Minneapolis. He said the Vikings aren’t going anywhere between now and January, so there’s time to come up with a better deal.

He also said he would switch to support the stadium bill if user fees became part of the financing package again. He said it’s rare to have funding from one city coming into help finance a $1 billion stadium.


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