By Crystal Grobe
fried egg on english muffin crystal grobe Bite Of Minnesota: Frying Eggs For Breakfast

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Great news! My oven is fixed. Turns out it was an easy solution, but several repair people failed to see the cracked tubing that caused the gas leak to happen in the first place. I’m excited to move past this and get back into cooking on a regular basis. Bring on the cooking sprees!

While our oven was out of commission, one of the things I missed most was breakfast. It’s not like I skipped breakfast during this time, but I missed making freshly baked biscuits and gravy while still in my pajamas or the warm scent of caramel rolls rising in the oven as I read the Sunday paper.

I also missed having things “my way”, especially when it came to eggs. I learned how to fry an egg pretty early on in life since it was something my dad made often and I’ve become a bit particular over the years in terms of how runny the yolk should be.

Imagine my excitement when I was given the green light to pull out my frying pan and crack an egg into a pool of sizzling butter. After a couple swirls and a flip, I was able to enjoy a fried egg once again.


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