MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Behind some of the clouds is silver lining. For one, drought conditions finally broke around most of the state.

While 60 percent of the state was in a drought last week, now only 10 percent remains dry.

WCCO-TV meteorologist Chris Shaffer said the northwestern part of the state will likely still struggle with drought.

“Most of this rain missed them,” he said.

These showers will also save you some green on that sprinkler bill.

And say goodbye to low water levels on many lakes.

While Independence Lake in Medina means flooded basements for many residents, one woman decided to outsmart the system.

Deidre Anderson said the sump pump has saved her basement from the 4 inches of rain they’ve gotten in the last 24 hours.

Heavy rain also means puddles, and puddles create standing water that brings on the mosquitoes.

In Wright County, farmers are dealing with flooded fields — something Shaffer describes as “almost a farmer’s worst nightmare.”

“That water just sits in their crops…which, of course, damages the young crops that are in the ground right now.”


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