Division Reigns On Wisconsin Recall’s Eve

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OSSEO, Wis. (WCCO) – At the Norske Nook in Osseo, they talk about the pie. But bring up politics, and you get trouble.

Mark Olsen of Mount Horeb is well aware of this situation.

“Try not to talk about it, because either you’re one way or the other, and it will ruin a party in a hurry,” said Olsen.

This popular restaurant, just off Harmony Street, is a witness to disharmony in this small Wisconsin town caused by the recall.

It’s been a year since Wisconsin was ground zero in a political war over Republican Governor Scott Walker, who stripped public workers of almost all of their union rights.

An estimated $65 million dollars spent so far on the recall, much of it on television advertising.

Like most Wisconsinites, Dave Friedrich and John Bronikowski already made up their minds. When it comes to Walker, they’re on opposite sides of the boat. Dave leans towards Walker.

“He said what he was gonna do, he lowered taxes, and first time for a long time that we’ve had taxes lowered in the State of Wisconsin,” said Dave.

John Bronikowski of Kansasville leans toward Barrett.

“He didn’t actually say that he was going after collective bargaining. Had he said that to begin with, there’s a lot of state employees like myself who would not have voted for him the first time,” said Bronikowski.

In Madison, it’s ground zero again. Record voter turnout is expected Tuesday.

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