Even though the timeline never changes, nine months never seems like enough time to prepare for a newborn. With the exciting mixture of joy, chaos and nervousness, it’s easy to get lost and frustrated in the process of planning a nursery. Below are some helpful tips to help keep you calm, within budget and practical while designing a nursery.

1. Budget
First and foremost, plan a budget before you start to buy anything for your nursery. It is absolutely amazing how quickly a nursery can become the most expensive room in the house, so take some time to plan a reasonable budget before shopping. While it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of a themed nursery room with all matching furniture and color-coordinated blankets, keep in mind that babies have a habit of making things messy. Allow your nursery to be a place of function first, and design second, so that when the baby spits up on their blanket, you won’t get upset about how expensive it was.

2. Research
Do some research before making any shopping trips. Even by just comparing prices online, you may be able to save some money by figuring out which stores have the most practical prices before you make a purchase.

3. Plan the Layout
Once the budget has been arranged, start to plan the layout of the room. You want the room to be neat and functional, especially during those middle-of-the-night trips to check on the baby. It might be easiest to place the crib close to the door so that you won’t need to worry about tripping over anything in the room when entering in the dark. Also, keep the changing table close to the crib so that when the baby has an accident, you won’t have to carry him/her across the room to get to the table. Leave the rest of the room open for storage items including dressers, bookshelves and storage bins. According to Jessica Smith, a mom of two in Rosemount, “Whatever you think you need in terms of storage space – double it.” She further states that babies accumulate more items than most parents think, and it’s best to be prepared to have space for them.

4. Maximize Functionality
Multi-functional furniture is a great idea for a long-term investment, especially if you have limited space. Examples would include a crib that converts into a bed or a dresser with a changing table on top.

5. Make It Safe
Finally, try to make sure that no wall hangings are above the crib or changing table. At some point, those items may shake and fall on the baby. Also, ensure your changing table is sturdy as children tend to squirm during diaper changes.

Below are some local businesses that may be able to help you get started.

Once Upon A Child
1100 E County Road 42
Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 432-8802

Once Upon A Child offers new and gently-used brand name clothes, toys, books, equipment and furniture for children of all ages.

USA Baby & Big Kids Too!
515 W 77th St
Richfield, MN 55423
(612) 798-0055

This store has a great selection of furniture for nurseries. Its website also features a virtual nursery planner, where you can start to design your own nursery room by placing furniture and other items within the dimensions of your future space.

Wiggles N Giggles
(763) 242-2400

This online children’s store has a wonderful selection of bedding, furniture, accessories and wall murals for your nursery. Contact kelly@wigglesngiggles.com for more information, or to set up an appointment with the interior designers.

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Alicia Stewart, a clinical dietitian at a metro hospital in St Paul, MN, has the unique role of working both as an acute care clinical dietitian, as well as an out-patient counselor. She has worked with hundreds of clients on various health topics, including diabetes, weight management, family health, and other chronic health conditions that can be controlled and improved with the right food choices. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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