It’s an amazing time to be living in Minnesota. We were gifted some beautiful weather, making our residents flock outdoors with sunscreen and water in hand this weekend. There were plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and between Northern Spark (an all-night art event) and Open Streets (20 blocks of Lyndale Avenue shut down to cars), I was thoroughly exhausted by the time Sunday evening rolled around.

Although I didn’t feel like cooking at all, a peek into the fridge told me there were a few items that needed to be used soon so I decided to make a killer grilled cheese sandwich. This wouldn’t be a normal grilled cheese with white bread and cheese slices. Instead, I used sliced buffalo mozzarella, crumbled blue cheese, and a heaping handful of grated Parmesan for a crispy cheese crust on the outside of the bread. Adding sliced avocado, sliced tomato and sprouts, I was able to make a grilled cheese somewhat healthy in just a matter of minutes.

To make your own, use whatever ingredients you have on hand and try cooking the grilled cheese open-faced over medium-low heat, joining the two pieces of bread as the cheese starts to melt. For added deliciousness, melt some Parmesan cheese along with the butter to create a crispy cheese crust.


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