MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It was the most obvious statement of the day, but it was probably uttered a million times.

“It’s hot, really hot,” said Sam Tabomgphet of Minneapolis.

Equally obvious, was how to beat the heat.

“Just staying in the shade and trying to stay hydrated as much as possible,” said Michael Johnson of Minneapolis.

But as both the heat and humidity rose, some people just didn’t care — they were going to hop on the bike or lace up the running shoes, no matter what.

“If you can handle the heat, I would consider it,” said runner, Jennifer Nogueira. “Because you will sweat a lot and burn more calories.”

While the athletes did what they do, the dogs got a break from the dog-day heat.

“We had this really hot July-type weather back in April and I wanted to step it up,” said Amy Rosenthal. “So I wanted to make sure before the July 4 holiday that we had it all covered.”

Rosenthal is the owner of MetroDogs Daycare & Boarding. They’ve had air conditioning in parts of the building, but they made it fully air-conditioned on Wednesday.

That includes the playrooms, and the timing was perfect.

“They are panting already from the fun of playing,” Rosenthal said. “We don’t want to see extra panting from the heat.”

On the other side of town, David Graves couldn’t wait to get to work this morning.

Graves stocks coolers at Chicago Lake Liquor, and while it’s 92 degrees outside, it’s about 50 degrees cooler where he is.

“40 degrees feels real good on a nice, hot day,” Graves said. “I love it in here.”

He’s enjoying it now, because in about six months it’ll be a different story.

“In the winter we try and stay out of here,” he said. “We don’t want to be in here in the winter.”

And Graves said on a day like this, beer is actually the big winner.

In fact, they sell more beer than wine on days like today — it’s the opposite in the winter.

When the mercury rises, so does business – by 5 percent.


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