MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The River Falls community is balancing an annual celebration with the deaths of three young girls.

Police say Aaron Schaffhausen killed his daughters Amara, Sophie, and Cecilia in their own home on Tuesday.

Their deaths came just days before the annual River Falls Days event, a celebration of the city and those who live there.

In River Falls, there has been little to celebrate over the past few days. The death of three little girls still weighs heavy on the minds of many.

“Slightly better than 48 hours ago, but still very difficult,” said Jeff Parsons, Amara’s soccer coach.

“I don’t think anybody’s going to let it pass,” said Brandon Saumer, who lives in River Falls.

Those who live in the area say the tragedy at the Schaffhausen home has cast a large shadow.

“I think we’ve noticed today’s a lot quieter here,” said resident Sarah Lafave. “It’s usually packed with people.”

But those who knew the girls best are using River Falls Days as a way to move forward.

Just steps from Main Street and a tiny tribute to Amara, Sophie, and Cecilia is making its way through the community.

“It’s just a small thing to honor the girls and so many people are pitching in,” said Parsons.

For Amara’s soccer team, the simple green bracelet is helping them heal, while keeping three young girls alive in memory.

The bracelets will be on sale Saturday near the family area at 2nd Street and Locust. The team is asking for donations of $3 to $5.


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