MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There’s just 100 days away from the election and a new poll shows President Obama is the more likeable candidate.

The USA Today Gallup survey asked voters who was more likeable. Obama got 60 percent, and Romney received 30 percent. However, when those same voters were asked who could handle the economy better, Romney got 51 percent and Obama received 41 percent.

Both Democrats and Republicans say Minnesota and its 10 electoral votes will play a critical role in the election, but it is the Obama campaign that is putting a lot more resources into the state.

Minnesota has not voted for a Republican for President since 1972 when the state went for Richard Nixon.

However, with most experts putting Minnesota in the leaning, but not solidly Democratic column, the Obama campaign is not taking any chances. They have opened nine campaign offices across the state.

Jeff Blodgett the Director of the Obama campaign in Minnesota appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“Minnesota is a must-win state for President Obama and also elections are historically close in this state, we believe the state is pretty evenly divided politically so we take nothing for granted whenever you run in this state,” Blodgett said. “Republicans insist Minnesota can be theirs and say that Mitt Romney will be opening a headquarters here very soon.”

You can watch WCCO Sunday Morning with Esme Murphy every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


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