LAKE SUPERIOR, Minn. (WCCO) — WCCO viewers voted and what’s the best hiking trail in Minnesota?

It’s on the North Shore — Superior Hiking Trail.

“It has some of the best scenery in Minnesota,” said Gayle Coyer, Director of Superior Hiking Trail Association. “I mean it’s got Lake Superior, it’s got inland creeks and river with water falls, beautiful birches, beautiful maple trees. It really has it all.”

Though it might seem like it has been here forever, the Superior Hiking Trail, is just 26 years old.

Construction started back in the mid-1980s, and today the trail winds along the North Shore for nearly 300 miles.

“The thing that is so amazing about the Superior Hiking Trail is it’s this really narrow footpath that just kind of etches the way through the forest, so you really feel like you’re in close connection,” Coyer said.

So close that nature will even offer you a snack — wild blueberries.

The trail itself also ranges from safe to potentially dangerous.

“You’ve got sections that are flat for beginners, if you want to do that,” said hiker Jon West. “You’ve got sections that are really difficult, that have kind of like a rock-face type of climb.”

If you’re not much of an experienced hiker, there are guiding tours, including a couple next month.

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