MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – After the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recently discovered invasive species infestations in lakes around the state, it is urging anglers and boaters who think they may have found such infestations to tell officials immediately.

“If people have a true concern about something they’ve found that might be an (aquatic invasive species), we want to check it out immediately,” said specialist Christine Herwig. “We will respond quickly. Although not all reports end up uncovering…infestations, we believe it is always better to be safe than sorry.”

If you think you’ve discovered an infestation, place a specimen in a bag or other container, Herwig said. If the specimen is a snail, zebra mussel, spiny water flea, or some other animal, pour rubbing alcohol on it to preserve it. Then photograph the specimen and mark the location of the discovery on a lake map or GPS device. Then call your local DNR office and arrange to bring the specimen there. Also, email the photograph and discovery location to the office.

If the sample is a confirmed invasive species, DNR said it will sens crews to survey the reported discovery site(s) and search the shorelines and the lake bottom.

To find a local DNR office, click here.

More information about aquatic invasive species is available here.


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