MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota girl’s got a goal to feed the world, and she’s using her two talents to do it.

Seven-year-old Lucy Sainsbury is from Brooklyn Park loves to play piano. She’s found that the key to getting good is practice, and she’s been working with her teacher for just more than a year.

She’s in second grade.

“They kept telling me that I did a good job every lesson that I did,” she said.

Lucy doesn’t just play her tunes. She carries them, too. She recently went into the recording studio and made her own CD. She plays some songs on the piano, and others she sings.

“Her piano teacher said that we should probably take a break from the technical side and let her create her own music; because he said she is very good at playing piano, but what she’s really good at is making up her music,” said Gregg, her father.

The words to songs seem to pop into Lucy’s head while she plays piano. She writes them down later.

Her first CD comes out this week. It’ll cost $10, and all the money raised will go directly to feeding children.

“I wanted to do something important with it,” she said.

Lucy’s parents taught her about children who go hungry. She’s partnered with Outreach Inc., a charity that packages meals fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Money from Lucy’s CD will pay for packaged meals for Minnesota children.

“I don’t want to have any more hungry kids in the whole world,” she said.

Lucy’s got a lofty goal. For now she’s starting small, here in Minnesota, with hopes to help every child someday.

To learn more about Lucy, visit her website.


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