MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man had to be rescued from the Pillsbury Mill in south Minneapolis Tuesday morning after apparently spelunking outside the building and getting stuck in a pipe, according to police.

Authorities responded to the scene near the 300 block of Main Street South on a report of a man stuck in a sewer pipe. When authorities arrived, two friends were rappelling in the pipe system near the Pillsbury Mill when one of them became trapped. One person was able to get out and called 911 when his friend got stuck.

The two were exploring tunnels under the Pillsbury Mill building, according to police. Firefighters traveled about 200 feet with rescue equipment to get to the man and bring him out safely.

The water level was so full in the pipe that the man wasn’t able to get out of the pipe system, authorities said. He was stuck in the pipe for about two hours before fire crews were able to get him out. The man went immediately to an ambulance once he was rescued and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. No firefighters were hurt during the rescue effort.

Authorities said both men were trespassing and spelunking is illegal, but it’s not yet clear if either will be cited.

The incident is still under investigation.


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