MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As kids head back to class, one of the biggest challenges some of them will face is bullying. But there are lots of resources out there for both kids and parents to help with the growing problem.

Whether it’s them that’s being bullied or a friend of theirs, it can be a distraction and a huge danger to kids, which is why as a parent it’s important to recognize signs of bullying, and talk to your children about what to do if they find themselves in a bullying situation.

A website put together by the Federal Government called StopBullying.gov has put together a list of warning signs for parents.

Some of those signs are faking illness, changes in eating and sleeping habits, declining grades, and not wanting to hang out with friends anymore.

It’s also important for adults to be able to recognize actions from the other end of the problem — if their child is doing the bullying. Some signs of that may be if they are increasingly aggressive, have unexplained money or other items, or blame others for their problems.

Stopbullying.gov also has other tools to help teach kids about bullying. There are a bunch of videos with different scenarios kids might end up in, with interactive tests afterwards to help them recognize bad situations.


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