By Reg Chapman

RICHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) — Smoke could be seen for 20 miles as a house in Richfield burned to the ground.

Neighbors say they heard an explosion and then saw flames leaping from the top of the home.

The homeowner wasn’t at her home on 7510 Logan Avenue South when the fire started, but one look and she knows everything is a total loss. The garage that sits behind her home was the first to go up in flames.

Fire crews did what they could but the wind caused the fire to spread to the house. It also scorched the home next door.

It was the next door neighbor, Maxine Zierhurt, who heard that loud boom.

“I was in my family room watching TV and the explosion sounded real close at the next door house. So, I jumped up and right away. I just grabbed my purse and ran out,” said Zierhurt.

Zierhurt says she turned to look at the house she lived next to for over 50 years. She says it was hardly recognizable.

Three crews helped get the fire under control and they then began their search for two missing pets.

The youngest of the missing dogs was found, and EMS crews worked to get the dog breathing. When they got a pulse, the dog was rushed to a pet hospital for further treatment.

Richfield’s fire chief says the house is a total loss, but the dog is expected to recover. The other dog did not make it.

Investigators will continue to look into what sparked that possible explosion.

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