Designer Pumpkins Becoming More Popular For Fall

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The official start of fall is now just a couple of days away, which means you’re going to start seeing a lot more pumpkins.

But, they’re not all going to be your traditional orange carving jack-o-lantern. Ornamental pumpkins are becoming more popular each year.

Gabe Knapton is a self-described pumpkin geek.

“I’ve been breeding pumpkins for 15 or so years, well, maybe longer actually,” he said.

And he’s made the most of his time.

Knapton’s pumpkin patch offers 100-plus varieties of the Autumn staple and people are taking notice.

“I’d say we sell more of these types every year, a little bit, especially early in the season when people are decorating their front porch,” he said, showing off a decorative pumpkin.

But a little pizazz will cost you.

A traditional pumpkin will run you 35 cents a pound — compared to 60 cents a pound for an ornamental.

With other growers, that could jump to 80 or 90 cents a pound. But that’s not slowing the demand.

Ornamental decorative pumpkins are becoming more popular — a lot of it is what’s available — and what people even know that’s out there.

So as more varieties hit the market, you can expect yellows, blues and reds to become even more common.

“The odd ones are always the first to go — something that has character,” Knapton said.

Some of the weirder looking pumpkins are actually better for eating.

Knapton showed us a blue Mexican heirloom variety that’s supposed to be great for soups & pumpkin pie.

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