It might not seem like it, but the Twins are better now than last season. They will end up with three or four more wins. Baby steps. If my calculations are correct they will be contending for the division title in seven to eight years … give or take six years. Remember the 1992-2001 dry spell?

As the Twins figure out their brand new five to 10-man starting rotation, we have to hope that Terry Ryan’s golden touch happens upon at least one free agent pitcher who will surprise us as much as Willingham did.

For time being we can at least watch as Joe Nathan and Grant Balfour close out games, Lew Ford rides the pine in Baltimore, and Delmon Young trips over his feet in Detroit, as the spirit of mid to late-2000 Twins baseball lives on in the playoffs. And let’s not forget Pat Neshek in Oakland’s pen and Kyle Loshe, who’s pitching in the NL wild card game for St. Louis.

If you are still finding it hard to see the bright side of the end of the season, and you want to continue to sulk, then you might enjoy this overly dramatic video from the final Twins home game last Sunday.


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