NEW PRAGUE, Minn. (WCCO) — Losing streaks are one thing; every team experiences them from time to time.

But going 0-49 and three straight years without a single win is different.

“They were hard — really hard,” said junior Adam Karlen of the New Prague boys soccer team. “If you just get used to losing, you are never going to win. And we just kept on fighting.”

The Trojans have been fighting since they became a high school league program in 2009.

They just never had a chance to celebrate a victory — until the third game of 2012.

“You could tell from the very beginning that guys were different,” said coach Jonathan Hopke. “You could feel it. They were hungry that day.”

Mankato Loyola was the opponent, and seven minutes into the game, sophomore Coleman Fierst scored for the Trojans.

“I got it, off my chest — one bounce — and then just lofted it right over the goalie,” Coleman said.

Not much was made of it at the time. The Trojans had scored plenty of goals before, but never a “winning goal.”

Turns out, it would be the only score of the game, making Coleman a hero and giving the Trojans victory No. 1.

“We were all going nuts just running around all over the field, just screaming,” Coleman said. “It was great.”

“You would have thought we won a World Cup or something,” Hopke said. “It was chaos.”

So was going to school and seeing their classmates the next day.

“They were like, ‘Whoa, the boys actually got a win this time, really?'” Karlen said.


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