MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Want to lose weight? Detoxify your body? Or maybe it’s hard for you to eat all five servings of fruits and veggies every single day.

If so, you might want to try hitting up a raw juice bar.

The definition of juicing is to extract the juice from fruits or veggies, to liven something up.

“Juicing is fast.  It goes right to the blood right away,” said juice barista Arturo Miles, who serves up glass after glass of pure fruits and veggies every day at the Wedge Co-op in Uptown.

Who doesn’t like fast? Juicing is the latest in nutrition trends, and it has people drinking their nutrients through a straw.

“There’s lots of benefits. You can get vitamins in your body.  Also, people going through the detox process to flush the liver and flush toxins out of the system, juicing is one way to do that,” said Miles.

“I love to juice.  My whole family we love to juice,” said Kym Johnson, who swears juicing gives her more energy and keeps her healthy. “Oh my goodness, it has so many healing properties. It gives you lots of enzymes that cleanse you, repair.”

The juice baristas spend about an hour and a half every morning prepping the fruits and veggies and continue to chop and peel throughout the day.  And it’s no wonder.  An entire bowl of greens goes into one 16-ounce green smoothie.

There are sweet versions like Clay’s Concoction, which is mostly carrots and apple. Miles says he usually suggests that or similar juice mixes for first-timers.

“It’s very tasty, has lots of vitamins and won’t be too much for their palate,” said Miles.

The hard-core juicers go for the Green Gulp, which starts with a clove of garlic and also includes cabbage, parsley, spinach and celery.

They say five servings of vegetables a day, and that can be hard, but pour them in a glass and it’s just bottom’s up.

Juices at the Wedge Co-op’s juice bar start at $4.49 for a 12 oz. cup and go up to $8.49 for some of the 16 oz. drinks.

You could also buy a juicer for your home, but they’re not cheap. I found one for $229.

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