untitled 30 Guide To Vikings Tailgating Lots

Enjoy Vikings tailgates in the lot that suits you (Credit, Matthew Blewett)

The Metrodome has 3 “Purple Lots” designated for tailgaters, but does it matter which lot you choose to set up your tailgate in? According to seasoned Vikings tailgater Marcus “Mookie” Anderson, it does. Each Purple Lot possesses its own personality. Just like regulars at a bar help define its atmosphere, so too do the fans who tailgate in each lot at the Metrodome. Not sure which lot to choose? Read on for a quick guide to the Vikings tailgating lots.

Purple Lot #1

The folks who tailgate in Purple Lot #1 know how to party. A majority of those who tailgate in Lot #1 are seasoned tailgaters, often purchasing their passes months in advance to guarantee a spot in their beloved lot. Mookie refers to “varsity tailgating” as being predominant here, as die-hard Vikings fans and tailgating clubs honor the traditions of their tailgating forefathers.

Purple Lot #1 also tends to be the most populated on game day, as hundreds of thousands of people migrate to this lot to join in the festivities. Many tailgating groups will designate certain individuals to arrive early and set up for other members’ arrivals later on. If you’re looking for a social lot full of party people, then Lot #1 may just be for you. However, party-time antics sometimes go too far as is expected when large quantities of alcohol are consumed in a competitive environment.

Purple Lot #2

If diversity is what you seek, Purple Lot #2 is perhaps best known as the most dynamic of the three lots and is typically occupied by out-of-towners who drive in from more rural regions of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Activity in this lot tends to be more spontaneous and the likelihood of making a new fellow tailgating aficionado friend is high.

There are, of course, regulars who frequently show up early to claim their spots each week in Lot #2, but “day of game” tailgaters predominate. The mix of veterans to novice tailgaters creates a unique environment where spontaneity rules and, according to Mookie, it is the lot that is most closely reminiscent of tailgating culture from the days of Met Stadium. Because of this phenomenon, Mookie indicates that its dynamic, lively atmosphere makes Lot #2 a tailgating hotspot.

Purple Lot #3

Purple Lot #3 is designated for big mobile tailgaters, namely those who have campers, RVs and buses. If you’re planning on bringing a big rig out to a Vikings tailgate, this lot is your best bet. It is unfortunate that those with larger vehicles get segregated from the rest of the tailgaters, but other lots just don’t have the space to accommodate their size. Perhaps as a result, this lot tends to be more laid back than other lots. If you’re hoping to bring along the kids, this lot is probably your best option.

*None of the designated tailgating lots are kid-friendly per se, especially if you are looking for a G-rated family environment. A lot of rowdy, adult bar behavior occurs at tailgates, so when in doubt, either leave the children at home on game day or, as Marcus “Mookie” Anderson suggests, bring them to the Metrodome Plaza which hosts ongoing children’s activities.

Check out Tailgate Fan to keep the party going at tailgatefan.cbslocal.com.

A Minnesota native that was born and raised Up North, Minneapolis is where Christina Kalinowski currently calls home. Christina appreciates irony, loves bacon, enjoys a hearty libation (drink responsibly, folks), and is an avid proponent of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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