By Bill Hudson

LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — When Bud Moen first picked up his comb and shears, Dwight Eisenhower was president. Ten presidents and 58 years later, Moen is still clipping away.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with people,” said Moen.

His trusty scissors have served him well through the years. In fact, he only recalls one time when his surgeon-like hands failed him.

“A guy had a wart and I helped him get rid of that,” Moen said, laughing. “He was dripping blood on the floor!”

Moen’s barber chair has been firmly rooted in Lakeville for so many years that it’s hard to remember a time without him.

Looking a bit perplexed, Moen asked, “When did I come here, 1959? Yes, May of ’59!”

Doug Johnson got his first cut from Bud when he was still a baby. His mother brought him to Moen’s barber shop when he was just a year old.

“I don’t think he cried or anything,” Moen added.

Today, Johnson is a 43-year-old truck driver and is getting his last cut from Moen.

“I keep coming back because I don’t have to tell him what to do and I don’t need to wear a hat when I leave,” said Johnson.

At 83, however, Moen is saying it’s time to call it quits. So, for weeks, folks have been passing by TR’s Barber Shop in downtown Lakeville – sharing both wishes and waves!

When WCCO’s Bill Hudson climbed up into Moen’s 1958 barber chair, the one he bought the year he was married, he laughs, “I’m getting so that I can’t remember names worth a hoot.”

With a bit of humor, Hudson told him, “I’m Bill.” Bud doesn’t skip a beat and quickly shoots back, “I’ll try to remember, Bill!”

What he hasn’t lost is how to make customers feel right at home and comfortable in the hands of a Lakeville legend.

“Sitting around drives you buggy and it’s hard on your health. When you’re working and busy it keeps you in shape,” said Moen.

That’s been a secret that has served him and his customers so well.

There will be an open house for Bud Saturday, Oct. 27 at TR’s Barber Shop in Lakeville between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.


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