MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman is in the hospital Sunday morning after being shot on a local highway. Police say initial investigations reveal it was likely a road rage incident.

The 26-year-old woman was shot while in a vehicle that was driving down the highway. Police say it happened around 2:25 a.m. on Sunday.

The woman was one of eight occupants in a Volkswagen Jetta heading northbound on 35E. The shooting occurred just south of Pilot Knob Road, between Cliff and Diffley roads.

Officers say the woman was sitting on the lap of the front seat passenger, with her back pressed against the front passenger window.

They say the vehicle the victim was riding in was entering the freeway from Cliff Road when a dark-colored SUV began tailgating them.

While still on the ramp, witnesses say the driver slowed down, put his hand out his window and “gave the finger” to the SUV. After the vehicles drove on to the highway, the SUV moved to the right side of the Volkswagen. The two vehicles were driving side-by-side when the SUV shot at the Volkswagen with an unknown firearm.

The woman was shot in the right shoulder. The SUV fired at least two shots at the vehicle, one of the bullets striking the car near the passenger door, according to police.

Although police haven’t found any window glass from the SUV, witnesses believe the suspect fired through a closed window.

Police say they had a few leads but say their investigation has been hampered because many of the occupants in the vehicle were intoxicated. The driver of the Volkswagen, identified as 28-year-old Grant Hengy of St. Paul, was also arrested for DUI in the incident.

If you know anything, please call Eagan Police at 651-675-5700. Eagan Police, the State Patrol and Burnsville Police will continue investigating the incident.

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