MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s the musical instrument with a distinct sound, and this weekend it’s being celebrated in Twin Cities.

The 15th-annual Northeast Accordion Festival hits Minneapolis today.

“It’s such a visual thing — you have the little buttons, here, you have the keys, you have the bellows,” said Randy McPeck. “It’s like a one-man band.”

But it doesn’t have to just be a polka band. The accordion is as versatile as can be.

“That’s the No. 1 thing people bring up about accordions, ‘Oh, you play polka?'” McPeck said. “Well, I can play polkas, but I can play French, Americana, Scandinavian, too.”

Once an instrument relegated to the world of pocket protectors and chess club.

“When rock ‘n’ roll hit, my accordion got stashed away in the closet, never to be looked at again,” McPeck said.

Now the accordion is suddenly cool again.

“A lot of the indie bands, rock bands are adding accordion for flavor,” McPeck said.

You can get your accordion fix at Elsie’s in northeast Minneapolis today.

All day, they’re holding workshops and concerts featuring some of Minnesota’s best accordion players.

And the beloved ‘Squeeze-in Orchestra’ is returning. It’s open to any accordion player.

Then on Sunday, head to Dulono’s for an Accordion Open Mic.


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