Sometimes life is tough. You know it, your life sucks too sometimes. I actually said to a friend the other day, “These are the times that make me old.” I was feeling my divorce, financial woes, trying to be a great single mom and a good employee at the same time. Yeah, sometimes life wears you down. I could feel it in my bones, in my heart and on that particular day, my face.

Truth time. You are about to be caught between “I cannot believe she is actually telling me this!” and “Thank god she’s telling everyone this, I want to see the video.” Yes, there is a video.

I got Botox. My 40-year tune up is officially underway. A friend came with me, filmed the whole thing and encouraged the nurse to keep shooting my face up with all sorts of poisons in the hopes of making me feel better. And you know what? It worked. I feel better.

Dana Orr (RN, Mesna Plastic Surgery) is a magical sorceress (Aesthetic Nurse Specialist) who’s wand (needle) granted me 5 (or 6) fewer years of wrinkles. I sat in her chair, sweated more than I do in hot yoga, but the results were the same (as yoga). When I left I was firmer and more peaceful.

I realize, according to proper rules of etiquette, in our shame riddled society, I’m not supposed to broadcast this kind of information, but I don’t care. I feel better, and I want to share that feeling. I’m not saying spending tons of money on having neurotoxins injected into your face will make you happy, but it lifted my spirits (and the worry lines in my forehead). I also think the veil of secrecy surrounding these procedures is ridiculous. If you have something that makes you feel better, please share it with the world. Life can be rough sometimes, but whatever we find (that’s legal) that offers happiness, even temporarily, is a good thing and worth sharing.

A little perspective is necessary here. My real, true, honest, lasting happiness comes from other sources: my children, our health, real friends, true relationships, honest self awareness, productive work, and the lasting love of family, community and faith.

I am grateful for every experience I’ve had in my life, even the excruciating ones. Softening their effect on my face will never remove those lessons from my heart. I will continue to learn, grow and improve from all the harshness and sweetness of life. The heavy lifting is done in my soul. But if I can get some help in the form of a magic wand (Botox needle) so my face doesn’t look like it’s doing the heavy lifting… I’ll take it, and I’ll share it.

Ah yes, I promised you a video

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