By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Twin Cities only saw a dusting of snow overnight but it was enough to snarl traffic and cause plenty of fender benders.

The Minnesota State Patrol said there were approximately 50 crashes or vehicles off the road Monday morning, most on entrance or exit ramps. There were no serious injuries reported, however.

Regions Hospital said they had received four patients from car accidents and another four patients who had fallen on the ice. Hennepin County Medical Center didn’t release figures on the number of patients they received attributable to winter conditions.

Metro Transit said they had 243 buses on 44 routes with 64 percent of those buses on time. Several commuters reported being stuck on buses downtown and being told it may be quicker to get out and walk.

However, Metro Transit said their average delay was about 12 minutes.

The Hiawatha Light Rail was on schedule through the morning commute.

The cold front that came in overnight Saturday is likely to blame for the sudden shift in weather.

“The track it took was perfect to bring the warmest of the warm air to the upper Midwest, and also deliver the coldest of the cold and it happened in a real short period of time,” said Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak.

Drivers on Lexington Avenue and Highway 94 dealt with a patch of ice, tying up the intersection for a couple hours this morning. Traffic cameras showed cars skidding into the barriers, unable to stop.


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