MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Much of the state is bracing for another round of snow.

Up to 6 inches of snow may fall across the metro area overnight and into Sunday morning.

This all follows a light snow fall on Friday night.

Friday’s snowfall isn’t the first brush with winter weather, this year, but it is the first time customers are thinking winter at Cedar Small Engine.

“They say it’s going to snow — maybe 7 to 8 inches, maybe less,” said Art Hallman, as he bought oil for his snow blower. “I want to be ready.”

Saturday brought a rush of customers, all hoping to fix or tune their snow blowers that sat quiet for nearly a year.

“I live on the corner and have a double garage,” Hallman said. “It’s a lot of shoveling. Go with the snow blower and save your back.”

But falling flurries almost always come at a cost.

LaMettry’s Auto Shop opened up Saturday to at least five damaged vehicles and the staff expects to see more on Sunday morning as drivers still get used to snowy weather.

Tow truck drivers are also expecting a busy evening.

Chris Phan of Kim’s Towing pulled at least 10 vehicles from the ditch on Friday night.

“They haven’t got used to the snow, yet, so they go out of control a little bit,” Phan said.

So far, most would say it’s been a slow introduction to winter, but enough to remind Minnesotans of what’s to come.

“I wish it would start snowing, and people would start believing again,” said Jim Carlson, of Cedar Small Engine.

Carlson said he’s hoping for more snow this year.

Last year’s lack of snow hurt many businesses that rely on the winter weather.


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