Bathroom Guide for Metrodome Tailgaters

Find the nearest restroom in the crowd of Vikings fans (Credit, Andrea Wodele)

Access to restrooms is an important consideration on game days when the ratio of fans to bathrooms isn’t exactly favorable. Learning where restrooms are located as well as being aware of peak usage times will help you avoid long waits, because as we all know, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

For tailgaters who congregate outside in the designated tailgating parking lots, porta potties are the most likely option. While all of the tailgating lots have a slew of porta potties, long lines for their use are not uncommon. The closer it gets to game time, the longer the lines get. To avoid a long wait in line, make sure to use the restroom well in advance of the beginning of the game or wait until after it has begun. If you find yourself stuck in a long line, make the best of it by chatting up a fellow Vikings fan.

If you’re willing to spend the cash to avoid a long restroom wait, larger groups of seasoned fans have been known to buy a pass for their rented or owned porta potties. Entrepreneurial fans even sell access to their exclusive restrooms to fellow fans for a fee.

Vikings fans with decked-out tailgate mobiles that include indoor plumbing get to avoid the hassle of using porta potties all together. If you happen to own your own tailgate mobile or are lucky enough to belong to the inner circle of one’s owner, you can enjoy the festivities without the porta potty fuss.

Once inside the Metrodome, fans can use one of several restrooms found within. Usage peaks during halftime and in between quarters, so if you want to avoid the wait, your best bet is to duck out during gameplay.

If you’re looking for more exclusive restroom access, you could become a member of the Gridiron Club. Overlooking the Plaza area, the Gridiron Club features services that include amenities like all-inclusive food and beverage service, a plethora of high-definition TVs with your favorite NFL games on, coat check and private restrooms. They say membership has its benefits and Gridiron Club memberships also include parking passes, Vikings Alumni and cheerleader appearances, a game-day gift, opportunities to win VIP pre-game field passes and more. Only 150 memberships are available, so if you prefer to be pampered on game day, be sure to sign up early in the season. Call 952-918-8505 or email to become a member of the Gridiron Club!

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