img 30971 How To Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with a Tailgate Party in Minnesota

Holiday cheer has a way of bringing tailgaters together (Credit, Carmichael Lynch)

As fans are well aware, football games often coincide with major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Rather than choosing between tailgating and celebrating a holiday get-together, many die-hard footballs fans combine the two to create festive holiday tailgates. If you plan on attending a game around the holidays, try these joyful ideas to get you and your tailgating crew in the holiday spirit.

When the Christmas season draws near, Vikings fans celebrate by tailgating in festive and creative ways. Purple Santa Clauses can be seen wandering the tailgating lots at the Mall of America Field, holiday decor adorns vehicles and elaborate dishes are served in lieu of traditional tailgating fare.

Make your upcoming tailgate double-holiday-duty by inviting your loved ones along and serving up a more traditional holiday meal. Some tailgaters have been known to really go all out by bringing along tables, good china, linen napkins and real silverware, preparing a complete formal holiday meal with a choice of meat like turkey or ham and side dishes like mashed potatoes. Dessert has even been known to make an appearance with such delights as pies, cookies and bars, all easy to make ahead of time and ship off to the lots. An added bonus, after the meal has been completed, leftover turkey and ham make excellent sandwiches to snack on post-game.

If you’d like to get festive with your dress or decor, don a Santa hat, get creative with tinsel and hang up some mistletoe. Who’s to say you can’t hang Christmas tree ornaments from your Vikings horns? If you plan on serving a meal, bring along a festive centerpiece for your guests to enjoy. Pump up that holiday spirit by playing seasonal tunes and stay warm with plenty of dancing. Keep the atmosphere upbeat by playing pop and/or rock versions of classic holiday favorites.

 How To Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with a Tailgate Party in Minnesota

Tailgaters have more than just Vikings football to be thankful for (Credit, Carmichael Lynch)

With more than enough holiday spirit to go around, tailgaters at the last Vikings game received some inspiration from local creative talent. At last week’s home game on Sunday, December 9 against the Chicago Bears, local Minneapolis advertising agency Carmichael Lynch set up a holiday kiss cam in an effort to spread holiday cheer. From 10 a.m. to noon, Carmichael Lynch snapped shots of tailgaters kissing underneath mistletoe. As can be seen by glancing through the photos, the ad agency was successful in its mission, even capturing Vikings and Bears fans setting their competitive nature aside to get cozy under the mistletoe for a smooch.

If an upcoming game happens to fall around New Year’s, resolve to make your tailgate one to remember. Don a festive 2013 hat, use noisemakers to celebrate touchdowns, try out a new dish and bring along a bottle of bubbly and champagne flutes to commemorate the Vikes on a great 2012!

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