MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With Christmas approaching, some of us will be reunited with family members we haven’t seen in a long time.

Some of you may be looking forward to that, while others are dreading it.

This week we interviewed a psychiatrist at Regions Hospital about getting treatment for mental illness. He said that family gatherings are often a great opportunity to identify relatives who may be struggling with depression or anxiety.

It’s sometimes easier for people who haven’t seen you in a long time to see something is wrong.

“Families come together for the holidays and friends who don’t see each other, often you may be seeing this person who you’ve known all your life, you are seeing for the first time. It can be startling the difference,” said Dr. John Kuzma. “This is not the person I know, what’s going on?”

Kuzma is the medical director of psychiatry at Regions. He talked about a new anti-stigma campaign there called “Make It OK.” It’s designed to encourage people to talk more openly about mental illness, and for people to not be afraid to ask for help.


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