MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, along with more than a dozen other agencies, are doing a countywide warrant sweep. Their message: Give up now and you might be home for the holidays.

Those targeted in the crackdown are a wide range of accused criminals, wanted for crimes like robbery, domestic assault and DWI. These are people with outstanding warrants who have been able to elude law enforcement. Some have moved, others have repeatedly missed court dates.

Officers are going from home to home trying to track down the suspects on their warrant list.

Earlier this morning, WCCO went with deputies to several locations in north Minneapolis, but they turned up empty handed.

Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek expects by the end of the week they’ll see hundreds of arrests due to this concentrated effort.

“The victims out there, moms and dads, kids, people hit by a drunk driver, victims of sexual assault are appreciative of law enforcement efforts today to get out there and clear these warrants and to hold people accountable for their crimes,” said Stanek.

Stanek pointed out law enforcement officers serve hundreds of warrants every day. But a couple of times a year, they do this mass effort to try to clean house.


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