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Here are some of the top headlines from 2012 as WCCO originally reported on them:

Top 2012 Headlines: March & April

March 8: Post Office Won’t Deliver To Rochester Trailer Park

“It saddens me because I like the ‘homey’ feeling of having your mailman come to your door,” Barb Henderson said. “A few bad apples spoil the whole bushel.”

(credit: Jupiter Images)

(credit: Jupiter Images)

March 22: Man Gets Ticket For Yelling At Cat

The man, who was not identified, admitted to authorities that he had been swearing loudly at the cat. His defense to officers was that he is “human.”

March 26: How Does America’s Tallest Man Buy Shoes?

Igor Vovkivinskiy says he’s contacted several shoe companies and only heard back from Reebok. He says he was told it would cost $15,000 to have shoes made for him, money not in the budget for this college student.

anchor, keyc

(credit: CBS)

March 27: Former KEYC Anchor Pleads Guilty To 3rd-Degree DWI

Twenty-eight-year-old Annie Stensrud was arrested in the city of North Mankato just before noon on Dec. 21, 2011, for probable cause DWI. Stensrud was thrust into the spotlight after a video showing her slurring through a newscast went viral.

March 31: Mpls. Police Ponder 8 P.M. Curfew After Youth Mob Attacks

“Curfews are just going to make them want to act out even more,” said Mary Carter. “I don’t feel like that would solve the problem because I feel that kids that would adhere to the curfew aren’t the ones causing the problems to begin with.”

April 2: Motor Home Crash Kills 5 In Minn. Family

Twenty-five-year-old Tom Kerber and 24-year-old Melissa Kerber from New Prague died. Three younger Kerbers — 10-year-old Jessica, 12-year-old James and 14-year-old Joy — were also killed. All three children were from Jordan.

April 4: Was $12,000 A Restaurant Tip Or Drug Money?

A lawsuit was filed in Clay County District Court and alleges that the waitress found a box, left at her table at the Fryn’ Pan restaurant in Moorhead. She said she followed the customer to her car to return the box but the woman told her to keep it.

April 10: Brother, Day Care Operator, Parents Killed

“I was leaving out of the door for work and I got a call from my son, and he said that one of my nieces and my other son had called him and were all hysterical and telling him that something is going on over at the house,” said Bolden. “My niece said, ‘They’re all gone.'”

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