2012 In Review: Top Minnesota News Headlines

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Here are some of the top headlines from 2012 as WCCO originally reported on them:

Top 2012 Headlines: November & December

November 2: Metro Gun Shops Nervous After Rash Of Burglaries

“It disturbs me that bad guys have guns on the streets. It disturbs me greatly they’re mine, so I want the public to know this,” Briggs said.

November 7: Minn. Voters Beat Gay Marriage, Photo ID Proposals

Minnesota’s rejection of the gay marriage ban was just one piece of a big night for gay activists and their allies nationwide. In Maine and Maryland, voters legalized gay marriage; in Washington, a measure to the same was leading. The wins were a resounding reversal of a 32-state winning streak for gay marriage opponents.

November 7: After Big Losses, Minn. GOP Faces Tough 2 Years

With Mark Dayton in the governor’s office, Minnesota’s Capitol will be under total Democratic control for the first time in more than two decades. With another state budget deficit looming, Dayton will enjoy a far more receptive audience to his frequent demand for income-tax hikes on top earners. The defeat of the gay marriage ban is certain to embolden backers of legal gay marriage; Dayton has also said he would support letting gays marry under state law.

November 8: Wife Of Imprisoned Denny Hecker: ‘He Was Made For Me’

Theirs may not be your typical love story. But in a WCCO exclusive, Denny Hecker’s wife says she and the imprisoned former auto dealer were made for each other. The two married after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud — and soon were both behind bars in separate states.

November 24: Police Arrest Man For Killing 2 Teens During Alleged Break-In

Smith told deputies he had shot and killed two people breaking into his home the day before – Nov. 22 – at about noon. Deputies then located the bodies of 17-year-old Nicolas Brady and 18-year-old Halie Kifer in the basement of Smith’s home. The two teens were cousins.

November 30: Cold Spring Officer Shot, Killed While Conducting Check

“He was a policeman trying to help someone. He was called there to help and he went there and was shot doing his job,” said Donna Knaus, a manager at Cold Spring Bakery not far from the crime scene. “It’s horrible.”

December 9: Twin Cities Gets Its 1st Big Snowstorm Of The Season

Hyland Hills was the place to be, fresh powder and lots of people anxious to attack the hill. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Clearing sidewalks, cars or just moving about on slippery sidewalks reminded us of how this beautiful white stuff can also be a pain.

December 13: Frank Vascellaro Interviews Obama On Fiscal Cliff, Spending Cuts

“Look, if we don’t do anything, if Congress does nothing, then on Jan. 1 taxes on every family in America go up. For the typical, middle class family, that means $2,200 out of pocket. That’s $2,200 that could be spent on groceries, a mortgage, sending a kid to college. It means $200 billion come out of our economy that suddenly businesses aren’t seeing, and as a consequence, they may slow down in terms of their investment and their hiring. So it would be bad for the economy, bad for American families,” Obama said.



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