MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – He was so good in high school, leading a talented Totino-Grace High School team to a state title. John Crockett was the man.

“It’s something that you kind of, you know, you dream that when you’re a little guy, ‘I wanna win a state championship,’ then you want to win a national championship. But it felt really good,” Crockett said.

Not bad for kid who grew up the oldest of six children on the north side of Minneapolis, and suffered from ADHD.

“I dealed with some difficulties with learning disabilities and ADHD and all of that type of stuff. Being from the northside, it’s a little bit of rough edges. But if you want to be successful out there, you got to be hungry for it,” he said.

He battled ADHD, but he didn’t let it define him.

“You just got to want to settle down (laughs). You got to just want to be successful, that’s the biggest thing. A lot of people use that as a crutch for that. But me, I use it to motivate and be positive,” said Crockett.

While the North Dakota State Bison won the national championship last season, he could only watch – still having to qualify academically while going to school.

“It might have been, out of everything that happened in my life, it might have been one of the toughest because sports has always been like my sanctuary,” he said. “That’s always my place of peace, and not being able to play and then watch the team – that you’re supposed to be a part of – reach the ultimate level of success. Like, come on! That’s pretty serious. And it was something I couldn’t wait to get a part of.”

Finally in 2012 he was eligible, and he’s made the most of it by backing up but seeing meaningful time at running back. Crockett’s back in his comfort zone, and is where he’s always wanted to be – on the football field.

“It’s a blessing, man. It’s a dream come true, you know. Sitting there watching those guys, you know, just wanting to be a part of it so bad – it just built hunger in me,” Crockett said.

He’s got a steady girlfriend, and his future is bright again. The kid that’s battled much has a holiday of thankfulness.

“It’s a little bit overwhelming. But to go through as much as I’ve been through – it feels really good.”

And what does John want for Christmas? A national championship.

“That’s all I need, and I’m good,” he said.

The Bison will play Sam Houston State for the title a week from Saturday.

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