St. Paul Selects Ryan Companies To Build Saints Stadium

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The City of St. Paul announced Thursday it has selected Ryan Companies, Inc., to design and build the new ballpark for the St. Paul Saints that will be located in the city’s Lowertowan area.

The project is estimated to cost about $54 million, which has already been approved by the city. About half of that money will come from a state grant. The St. Paul Saints are contributing about $10 million, and the City of St. Paul is adding about $17 million.

City officials said they think the economic impact to St. Paul is $10 million a year. They think the project will create 500 full and part-time jobs, and draw 400,000 people to the city every year. The stadium is expected to have about 7,500 seats.

Before construction can start, crews will have to demolish the old Diamonds Products site, which is currently an empty warehouse.

The stadium is expected to be ready for Saints baseball by May of 2014.

  • Minnesota burns while politcians fiddle! | oskarrs wild

    […] While Minnesota is busy giving $25,000,000 to build a stadium for a team that was suppose to “Save Midway Stadium” from destruction with a team not even affiliated with Major League baseball, we can’t even get the state to fund a Judas Fish program to help stop the Asian Carp movement! Dr. Peter Sorensen the head of the invasive species department of the University of Minnesota, does Judas Fish  work every summer locating common carp in local lakes with great success. If we develop sterile Asian Carp to be released into Minnesota waters their social nature will lead us to any invasive carp found in our waters and it gives us the possibility to eliminate them. When government is so focused on giving contractors fat contracts for bogus private sports teams they could care less about preventing the decimation of a true Minnesota sport Fishing it makes me sad inside, we as Minnesotans are selling our souls. […]

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