Mr. Williams,


There has been a ton of gay marriage talk on your show and the other programs on WCCO lately.  I have to admit that the issue is something where I have explored my heart and my soul and I have decided that I cannot stand against gay marriage.


I am someone that would be considered religious.  I go to church service every week, I go to our Wednesday night programming every week, I go on mission trips, I tithe.  I say these things as a representation that my attitudes may be different from what would be expected.


I will admit that I am not fond of the idea of gay marriage, but I am not going to stand in it’s way.  I know many gay people and they run the gamut of people, just like straight people.  I don’t understand the fundamental questions of attraction between same sex couples, but I do understand the concept of love.  And it’s not just romantic love, but love where we can respect one another and serve God.


The more I thought about this, I thought about this as a Christian.  I earnestly believe that God wants to have a relationship with each and every one of us and he knows that we fall short of his glory; I do believe being gay is not what God has planned for us, but I know that God does love us and I am sure there are gay and straight relationships that can bring glory to God, just as there are gay and straight relationships that do not bring such glory.


Personally, I find it distressing that some of those people that raise the banner of Christianity demand the government step in and demand government rules on marriage through a view built not on love and respect, but rather by division and hurt.  Many times, these same Christians protest when the government makes decisions that may cause them to change their practices, such as the Catholic Church demanding we “Protect Religious Freedom” from the implementation of the President’s Health Care Program.


I know religion isn’t always a comfortable topic, but it is hard to avoid on this one.  I know you were looking for someone who changed their mind; I raise my hand.


Warmest Regards,






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