Get It Twisted! Gyrotonic System Promotes Fitness

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Dancers are known for being long, lean and agile. These are all desirable traits. But instead of slipping into pointe shoes and a tutu to get that shape, celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are reportedly turning to the Gyrotonic Expansion System to get those physical attributes.

Most of our daily moment is forward facing. Think of working on a computer or driving. This machine helps the body move in a three-dimensional way, similar to being in water.

According to Miguel Sevilla, owner of Studio Sevilla in Minneapolis, “You use the front, the back, the side. The spine is designed to work in many ways. We don’t use all of them.”

Sevilla and Susan Gaines feature the Gyrotonic system at Studio Sevilla, their gym where they see clients of all ages, including Terry Devitt, who is in her 70s and has been using the Gyrotonic system for one year.

“I feel so good when I leave here,” she said. “It helps my balance, my strength and flexibility. I’m happier.”

Gaines pointed out our posture habits can be detrimental.

“We tend to use the shoulder girdle in a negative way, which can cause pain. This helps engage the muscles in the back and the sides.”

Athletes like Shaquille O’Neal and Tiger Woods have been known to use the Gyrotonic system. They see improvement in their joints and balance.

It also encourages nutrients in the body to flow, and toxins to flush. And you don’t have to be flexible or limber.

“This takes you where you are and helps you discover where you are and move out from there,” said Gaines. “It’s working from the inside out.”

Sevilla and Gaines say their equipment allows their clients to play in a really safe way.

“A lot of us haven’t experienced that since we were kids. Playing, hanging, spiraling the body,” said Gaines. “Moving but in a really protected in a full, freeing way.”

Studio Sevilla is located downtown Minneapolis near Loring Park. A single private session costs $75. A package of five is $350. And a package of 10 costs $650. Most sessions are one-on-one, but Studio Sevilla can train up to three people at a time.

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