MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office said that three gang members have been charged with a number of Minneapolis-area crimes, including shootings and burglaries.

The attorney’s office released criminal complaints against 19-year-old Dementry Loyd, 20-year-old Montrelle Collins and 21-year-old Marlon Collins. The three are accused of being members of a gang called Loud Pack.

Loyd has been charged with a number of burglaries that happened in 2012. The items he is alleged to have stolen from Minneapolis residences include televisions, laptops, iPads and iPhones, and handguns.

Investigators say they also found a stolen handgun at the house of the Collins brothers’ mother.

All three are also accused of shooting at a woman’s house last September. The criminal complaints say the woman was standing in front of her house with her children and asked them if they had a problem. The three started walking away before pulling out handguns and shooting at the house while she ran inside with her kids.

“This is a case where the gang unit of the county attorney’s office started to notice patterns on some of the burglaries and assaults,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said, “and with the help of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park police, were able to pull together enough evidence to bring charges.”

The complaints say that the three yelled “Loud Pack” as they ran from the scene.

In another incident, Loyd allegedly shot at concrete after confronting a man who was playing basketball in Brooklyn Park. One person was hurt by a ricocheting bullet.

Loyd faces 10 felony counts, including assault, burglary and theft of a firearm. Marlon Collins faces five felony counts, as does Montrelle Collins.

“Getting these three young men off the streets will make everyone a little safer,” Freeman said.


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