It was food, glorious food this past Saturday on “Off The Menu”.  Here’s a rundown of who Dara talked to and where you can find more information!

  • Dara’s first guest was Melanie Warner.   Melanie has written a new book, “Pandora’s Lunchbox” which talks about the horrors of processed food.  What exactly is soybean oil anyway?  What popular fast-food topping has 105 ingredients in it?  Do you know what it is you’re putting in your body?
  • Each week Dara shares her picks for a “Top of the Twin Cities” list.  Saturday, it was the top 5 restaurants in the Twin Cities where you can find a truly healthy meal!  They include:
  1. Greek food at the Gardens of Salonica
  2. Healthy “Mall” food and plenty of veggies at Big Bowl
  3. Good organic food at People’s Organic and at the French Meadow Cafe
  4. For her second favorite, Dara chose a dish, Larb.  It’s a veggie-heavy Thai or Southeast Asian dish.  Dara’s favorites can be found at Bangkok Thai Deli in St. Paul and at Tum Rup Thai in Uptown.
  5. Dara’s #1 choice for healthy food in the Twin Cities is Spoonriver, the “Healthy Food” mecca that Chef Brenda Langton built in the old Mill District of Downtown Minneapolis along the Mississippi.  Spoonriver makes all of it’s meals in the most natural way possible.
  • Marvel Bar has been a Twin Cities’ hot-spot since it opened in August of 2011.  Why is this one of the best bars in the country. Pip Hanson of Marvel joined Dara to talk about what he’s up to such as “Dilute, warm and watery”.  That’s a thing? Why the Twin Cities are such a cocktail hotbed.  Where are the best and what’s new on the scene and at Marvel!
  • Dara’s final guest was Erick Harcey, the chef/owner of Victory 44 & Parka, to talk about Parka and his plans to take over the world.  Oh, and to talk banana cream pie.  According to Dara, he makes the best.  What is Stock & Badge (it’s Rustica + Victory 44 + Dogwood Coffee).  Oh, and the banana cream pie! People should go to Parka for the banana cream pie.

You can follow Dara’s Blog at Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine here.  And make sure you email questions and “Ask Dara” be sending an email here.   You can also listen to the podcast of Saturday’s show here.


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