FARGO, N. D. (WCCO) – A team from the city of Fargo is trying to help homeowner Jim Lepine protect the land he loves.

“There aren’t many places in North Dakota that you’d get a view like this,” Lepine said. “Fifty weeks a year, this is the most wonderful spot.”

But he knows the city he lives in could soon buy him out. In an effort to prevent flood damage, they’re trying to level the at-risk homes.

Dave Hinkley is a Salvation Army volunteer. He says over the past few years, the area he protects has seen a change of landscape.

“This was a beautiful, beautiful neighborhood with lots of really nice homes that people worked very, very hard to try to save,” Hinkley said.

But the city says that’s not always possible. They plan is to keep tearing down homes and building up levees.

But not everyone’s leaving. Lepine says he’s staying for now – even if the choice is to sell or high water.

“I’m a cancer survivor. What’s risk?” Lepine said.


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