MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A survivor of a crash that sent seven people to the hospital over the weekend says the driver was trying to race a stranger in a sports car.

Delicia Davis and six other people were in a Ford Explorer when it went airborne in Fridley on Saturday night. Davis was one of two people not thrown from the SUV.

Davis did, however, suffer 11 cuts on one of her legs and three on the other. Some of the cuts are an inch deep.

“I have 22 stitches,” Davis said.

She said she isn’t lucky, she’s blessed.

“I could be like one of them in the hospital,” she said.

Her friends are in critical condition at two different hospitals. They were all riding in the SUV when it flipped several times.

“It was like the worst seven seconds of my life,” Davis said.

She said she got into her friend’s aunt’s car because it was a nice night for a ride.

They were on University Avenue heading to Brooklyn Park when she says the driver picked up speed.

“There was this man in a Ferrari that was next to us, and then the lady that was driving the car that we was in, she started to try and race him,” Davis said. “We were screaming, telling her like to stop…and she got in front of him, and she started swerving left to right, left to right. The next thing, I know we went in the air.”

Davis says the truck flipped about five times before coming to a rest on its roof.

“I looked out and all my friends were just laying on the ground,” Davis said.

It will be a while before her friends get back to normal. Davis said one of her friends has a broken leg, a broken pelvis and a bruised lung. Another broke her nose and lost an eye.

“They just keep going to surgery,” Davis said.

Davis’mother says she holds her daughter a little tighter these days, and they both pray for those involved in the crash — including the driver and her 4-year-old child.

Investigators think the driver had been drinking. But they said they’ve not heard anything about someone in a Ferrari next to the SUV.

No charges have been filed in this case so far.


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