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Morning Show Listeners Re-name Minnesota Spring Season

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(credit: Katherine Mrdutt)

(credit: Katherine Mrdutt)

The WCCO Morning News With Dave Lee
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Dave Lee had fun with WCCO Morning News listeners on Thursday. He asked for suggestions at re-naming the season that in 2013 has featured record late snowfalls and 70 degree temperatures. Here were some of the clever listener replies.

January 122nd, Sid-ter….because it lasts forever,
Sprinter, Clammy… my husband’s feet,
mother nature’s maypril fool season, Wildweatherwhiteout,
Erister after the greek god of chaos, the box of chocolates season….Gump,
Winsprummer, Global weirding,
Snowfluke 2013, Kitchen sinker because it truly has everything,
Springasaurus, Crap splumber,
Spring is crazy…..SPRAZY, Winterstresstopia,
Sprincrastonator, Roulette of seasons,
Spummer….rhymes with bummer, Polar-geist,
Springatory, that place between hell and heaven, Satans Spring,
sprincter, Sprucken-Fing,
Springageddon, Fifth season-as in whiskey,
sprummter, Maydes….like Hades.

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