MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gun control advocates said Friday that Democrats at the Minnesota Legislature are showing a “lack of courage” by shelving a vote on tougher gun laws.

House Democratic leaders called off an expected vote earlier this week, saying there aren’t enough votes to pass it.

Supporters of 2nd Amendment gun rights swarmed have the Legislature this year to stop any changes in state gun laws — including background checks, which some lawmakers thought would pass.

Pro-gun control protesters confronted lawmakers as they entered the House chambers on Friday. One held a sign depicting all of the murder victims from the Newtown elementary school shooting last December.

Earlier, the son of a murder victim from the Accent Signage shooting said Democratic leaders “looked him in the eye” and promised a vote.

“Democrats, it’s a mistake to side with the NRA, because if you choose to side with the lobby that traffics in fear as much as guns are trafficked in our streets, then I think it is clear to Minnesota on what ground you stand,” Sami Rahamim said.

Democratic lawmakers from rural districts said they are reluctant to vote for any gun restrictions. House Speaker Paul Thissen said he expects the bill to come up again next year.

Is there any chance of a vote happening this year?

It’s unlikely. For Democratic leaders, it’s not enough to have a vote. Even though they support many of the same gun control measures, they believe it’s more harmful to bring the gun bill to the floor without enough votes, and then watch it fail.


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