MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The national average for a gallon of gas has gone up 17 days in a row. But here in the Twin Cities, gas has dropped three cents to an average of $4.17 a gallon.

That’s still quite a bit higher than the national average. And boaters are feeling the pinch.

Last weekend on Lake Minnetonka, the price was $5.39 a gallon.

But people with boats we talked with say the winter was too long to stop them from getting out on the water.

And it’s not just the owners of boats and other recreational vehicles feeling the pinch. Race car drivers may have it worst of all. Racing fuel is now up to $8 a gallon.

Jerry Hollom of Fridley has been the proud owner of a 1968 American Motors AMX — twice. He bought it in ’68, sold it in ’86, and was elated to buy it back again in 2008.

“It’s glass and metal and rubber, but it was actually kind of emotional,” Hollom said.

And it’s the love he has for his car that justifies Hollom now spending nearly $130 to fill up.

“Of course, everybody would like it lower, but if that’s the going rate, you’re stuck with it,” he said.

Hollom is a retired race car driver, so he only drives his AMX here and there.

It’s those still racing who would really like to see a checkered flag for rising fuel prices.

At Raceway Park in Shakopee, it’s $8 a gallon for racing fuel. That’s roughly $2 higher than last year.

Kevin Busse, the event announcer at the raceway for the last 18 years, said he’s never seen high performance fuel prices this high. He says it won’t stop drivers, but like everyone else, they will feel the burn in their pocketbooks.

“It can add up just getting out here with regular gas, and then you pull in at the track and you’ve got to buy the higher octane as well to get the best out of your race car,” he said. “It adds up.”

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