MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On this last day of May we’re looking back at what’s been a pretty gloomy month.

In fact, solar radiation measurements at the University of Minnesota show this month was the third dreariest since 1963. The worst May of all was in 2005.

Everyone we talked to on Friday said the sunshine was a long time coming. People were tired of being cooped up from the rain and clouds.

If you remember, May started off with record snowfall in parts of Minnesota.

We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers” but the month of May seemed heavier on the showers.

“It’s actually been the third gloomiest May, and they measure that by just looking at how much sunlight has come in,” said WCCO-TV meteorologist Mike Augustyniak.

That sunlight was rare: 22 of the 31 days in May had rain. And 16 inches of snow fell in some cities on May 2.

Debbie May was just one of the people we talked to who was thankful to see sun on the last day of the month.

“I can’t really remember where it’s been this cold for this long…so I’m really excited to just be outside,” she said.

So why are sunny skies so rare this year? Climatologists say it’s a stalled pressure system.

“We’ve had a really blocked up weather pattern…which means storms form and then they just don’t move on,” Augustyniak said.

The prolonged clouds are expected to continue for the next couple of weeks, possibly delaying the hot summer days.

“June, if it would be 85, sunny and maybe rain once or twice a week, I would be a real happy camper,” Debbie said.

A cool, cloudy pattern is expected to continue for the next two weeks. But it’s anyone’s guess what that could mean for the rest of the summer.

So if you’re hoping for 100 degree days, don’t give up hope yet.


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