NEW HOPE, Minn. (WCCO) — A former Navy Seal is teaching Minnesotans the art of self-defense. He’s using his elite training and war time experience to help make sure your family can protect itself.

Larry Yatch, who runs the Sealed Mindset studios in New Hope, was in the Navy Seals for 10 years and is a veteran of the Iraq War.

Yatch translated his experiences in combat into lessons for civilians on how to be better prepared for, for instance, assaults.

“The core of what we do here at Sealed Mindset — everyone gets into a situation at some point where they don’t know exactly what they would do. There’s a question or a fear,” Yatch said. “Our reason for existing is so that you never have to feel that way.”

Among the programs offered at Sealed Mindset is a “Date Night,” which helps walk couples through various scenarios. The point is helping people to identify threats from a distance so that they can cope with the situation faster and more efficiently.

Sealed Mindset also offers firearms training, using laser guns to avoid a stressful situation for new learners. There are also courses involving martial arts, home safety and medical safety.

There’s also a camp for children to learn the fundamentals of personal safety, called “Victory Games.”

Click here to learn more about Sealed Mindset.


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